About RadikalBoats

A new brand created to offer products that suit you ! The idea is to provide leisure boats that meet an expectation, performance , modern design and manufactured using the latest technologies : Infusion , carbon, epoxy etc. …
In this case the first boat will be a multihull trimaran Radikal T26 , folding with modern lines and suggesting   good performance capabilities .
A light and fast boat to rediscover the pleasure of sailing on a multihull safely with family.

Following different demands of customers who have not found their wish on the  market, we have developed this project with the Cie Perspective Design  . We approached the office of naval architects led by Philippe Roulin, former member of VPLP author of the best multihull sailing now: MOD70, America’s Cup …. Manufacturing is outsourced to the cie StratoCompo led by Jean Christophe Blair, already well known in the community for the manufacturer among other trimarans Lalou Roucairol.

trimaran Radikal T26

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